Monday, 28 January 2019


A short and punchy news-based entry.

i. Matt has rejoined the band. LOOK:

His return was open-armed and open-hearted by all Total Victoryites.

ii. What is he working on? Something new for the estimable gentlefolk of Total Victory? (Yes). New album? No.

iii. Encouraged in most part by ML's touching advertorial feature, The Pyramid of Privilege gatefold is moving quite nicely over at our Bandcamp. Act now or pray for a repress.

iv. European tour 2019. We're very hopeful of getting this together soon enough. If it happens it will be after summer. A couple of minor details to sort out (work, dates, Brexit) but things look better than they did at the beginning of 2019.

v. UK shows. Statistics show that we are now more popular than ever in Britain. This could only happen to us in a year where did absolutely fuck-all. Anyway, we all decided that we need to play more UK shows and not just the usual spots. We may be coming to a city at least 60 miles from you, unless you live in Thurso or some shit.

vi. LP4. We have some songs.We need to get together and play the shit out of them. Make them sound like humans played them in the same room.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Pyramid of Privilege (re)issue

On January 29th 2019 (or at least "at some point in late January", I am very bad with dates) The Pyramid of Privilege, our first album originally released on some CD-Rs in 2011, is coming out on vinyl with a lovely gatefold sleeve. It's been remastered and a couple of annoying errors that were on the original release have been eliminated. The release is being helmed by our friends Florian and Jennie aka Specific Recordings, and our other friends David and Helene at Kerviniou are involved too. 

photos of the packaging beneath

I played the test pressing recently. I was both taken aback (the sound is good, we wrote some decent songs) and taken back in time. Not to the recording of the record, but all the bits before the album materialised where we were just floundering looking for a sound and direction and using the band as a kind of social club.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

the march of time

Here is a brief and mostly boring update about the antics of Total Victory as we reach January 2018. I won't even advertise this post, it's just out there.

- split single with Harassment still planned. most of our track ('Flowers On My Grave') is recorded. just needs mixing and I think we've entered the stage where we'll get someone else to do it.

- Most of our music (NS, EM, vBE) is now entered into the great streaming databanks at Spotify, Apple, iTunes, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon, etc. This is a 'legacy move', designed to keep our wares at your convenience while we do nothing in 2018. In truth I'm not hugely happy about this turn of events but I am informed that it is pretty much necessary if you want to be thought of as existing these days. The whole thing cost £90 for three albums for one year.

breaking up the text with a great photo by Pascale Cholette

Thursday, 31 August 2017



So after Matt E left we had to sort some things out to play these shows. James, who has drummed on all our records and nearly all of our shows except the last tour, played guitar. Andy, who drummed on the last tour, remained on drums.

live at Freakshow 2017, photo by Yetiz Back

And our good friend Thom flew in from China and played extra guitar. After a lot of hard work and a couple of warm-up shows (PRESTON HAS COME OFF THE "PLEASE FUCK OFF" LIST, A RARE ACHIEVEMENT) across two months we went from being a creaking pissed-up ghost of a band to being, once again, a reasonably adept guitar group. Listen to Thom's mini-album from a couple of years ago. It is really special.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


A long post of many parts after which we will shut up for a while.
Worcester, June 2017

(EDIT: a general flavour of this entry can be found in French with this interview with Alter1fo)

Ten years ago Total Victory formed in Queens Park, Bolton. Back then you still had great bands like Moco and The VCs and Neurosync and we wanted to join the party. Now we're the embarrassing guys at the party who won't leave.

We're not doing anything special to mark this moment other than writing this.

The tour of France that took place to promote the record is complete and we'd like to thank everyone who put us on, played with us, came to see us, gave us food, let us sleep at their place, or helped us in any way with promotion. And a special thank you to Ste who drove and played extra guitar, and Andy, who deputised on drums for James.

photo by Jesse Overman / Blast Radius

Friday, 7 April 2017

Monday, 13 February 2017

ALBUM III (no, really) and TOUR V and RE-PRESS NEWS

Three major pieces of news. No messing around.


It is completed. It is called ENGLISH MARTYRS. It has nine songs and is about 34 minutes long. This is the album cover.

  1. Triangulation Point
  2. Gore Seer
  3. In The Home Counties
  4. Once In Every Century (LISTEN)
  5. Playing Golf With The Precariat
  6. Written Backwards
  7. Mistakes Upon Mistakes
  8. The Public Weighbridge
  9. Gold Curtain
We expect to have it on tour and on general sale after. Tour, you say? What tour? A-HA!

We're returning to France and Belgium in May and June. Dates as follows:
  • 29 MAY Rennes, Bar Hic
  • 30 MAY Nantes, TBA
  • 31 MAY Toulouse, Pavilions Sauvages w/Marc Sens & Oliver Mellano
  • 1 JUNE Grenoble, TBA
  • 2 JUNE Metz, La Chaouee w/MALAÏSE
  • 3 JUNE Liege, Le Garage


We are going to repress National Service. Some guy is selling it for 50 euro on Discogs and this will not do. Flood the market! We will have it soon, but maybe not by tour.


A short and punchy news-based entry. i. Matt has rejoined the band. LOOK:   His return was open-armed and open-hearted by all Total...