Monday, 13 February 2017

ALBUM III (no, really) and TOUR V and RE-PRESS NEWS

Three major pieces of news. No messing around.


It is completed. It is called ENGLISH MARTYRS. It has nine songs and is about 34 minutes long. This is the album cover.

  1. Triangulation Point
  2. Gore Seer
  3. In The Home Counties
  4. Once In Every Century (LISTEN)
  5. Playing Golf With The Precariat
  6. Written Backwards
  7. Mistakes Upon Mistakes
  8. The Public Weighbridge
  9. Gold Curtain
We expect to have it on tour and on general sale after. Tour, you say? What tour? A-HA!

We're returning to France and Belgium in May and June. Dates as follows:
  • 29 MAY Rennes, Bar Hic
  • 30 MAY Nantes, TBA
  • 31 MAY Toulouse, Pavilions Sauvages w/Marc Sens & Oliver Mellano
  • 1 JUNE Grenoble, TBA
  • 2 JUNE Metz, La Chaouee w/MALAÏSE
  • 3 JUNE Liege, Le Garage


We are going to repress National Service. Some guy is selling it for 50 euro on Discogs and this will not do. Flood the market! We will have it soon, but maybe not by tour.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

vs. BIG ELECTRIC + news + reflections

It's been a while! We're not dead. Still. They can't take us out. To be fair they haven't tried very hard.


Coming the final quarter of 2016! This is a compilation of our EPs to date with a couple of songs taken from those sessions that we couldn't finish properly - until now. Here is the tracklist.

Monday, 25 January 2016


Lille 20th, not 19th

Has the year flown so quickly? Are we all nearer to the grave? Will we realise the futility of our endeavours? Is our ego not sated enough?

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Hello there gentle flowers of the early year sun. We hope you are well. Here are two pieces of news.  


MAY 16
Brock and Broll
w/Cactus Knife and Grave Diggers Union

Information here

Monday, 23 February 2015

An interview with IAALS

We did an interview with I Am A Lungfish Song that was translated into French. Here is the English version. Go and read that excellent blog here.

What is the story behind Total Victory?

I (Dan) had split from an old band and was working a shitty job and living in an unfamiliar town and needed some kind of thing to occupy my time and brain. I put an ad out in 2007 for people wanting to play noise-rock kind of like XBXRX and Skin Graft/Gold Standard Labs kind of music. Matt L (bass) and Matt E (guitar) joined, followed by James (drums) one drunken day at a festival.

We realised we couldn't play at 200kph like those bands so we slowed down and tried to not sound so forced and began to incorporate our regional identities and actual personalities a little more. Martin (guitar) was a friend and fan who we asked to add guitar to The Pyramid of Privilege and gradually we forced him to join full-time.

If it were a film it would be a strange story about a group of people who were nobodies at home and vaguely interesting to people somewhere else. Like the opposite of Cool Runnings (which was called Rasta Rockett in France).

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Two things. One good, one bad.


We did a tour to France. It was fantastic. We had a great time. There will be no diary as such because there was no conflict. It was just really really fun. Here it is in bullet points.
  • Rolled into Nottingham to crash at ME's house (he moved. This was covered in previous dispatches). Visited England's oldest inn, which was a moving experience for all concerned, mostly in the gut.
  • Left at 2.30am the next day for the ferry and just powered through to Rennes by 6pm (take off the hour time difference). Great show here with loads of brilliant people being super bien to us. 

ALBUM III (no, really) and TOUR V and RE-PRESS NEWS

Three major pieces of news. No messing around. NEW ALBUM It is completed. It is called ENGLISH MARTYRS . It has nine songs and is about ...