Friday, 15 November 2013


Greetings all.

- France tour was a great success on both a personal and musical level. Financial? We're not giving up the day jobs just yet. Regardless, we can't thank everybody involved in making it happen as much as we would like to. Needless to say we hope we can make it back one day.
- A tour diary is available to read here.
- A review of the final show is available to read here (French language).
- A photoset of the final show with Musicsova is available to view here.
- There are no more shows in 2013.
- National Service will be issued on vinyl in 2014.
- A third LP is being thrashed into shape and we hope to also release this in 2014.

Here is some assorted media.

dicking about in Dover
live in Lorient

with Fred of Berline0.33 in Rennes, post-tour crashout

Right we're going to shut the fuck up for a bit now, that's quite enough of us for this year.

TV / FRA / 2013

Me / I = Dan (sing)
ML = Matt Leonard (bass)
ME = Matt Evans (guitar)
James = James (drums)
MM = Martin (guitar)

Fans of rough and tumble rock diaries in the vein of Henry Rollins' benchmark Get In The Van, Steve Albini's in-character last slog around Europe with Big Black or Jon Wurster's trips around the US for Superchunk's website might find themselves a bit disappointed with the general alacrity contained within this write-up. However, when Make It A Little Bit Louder asked the band to do this, ME leapt at the opportunity to make me do some work in light of having no gear to carry or vans to drive. So, here it is, the largely unexpurgated diary of TV's first European tour, all 2600 words (approx.) of it, complete with pictures, links and diversions. Recommended commute reading.

the march of time

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