Monday, 13 February 2017

ALBUM III (no, really) and TOUR V and RE-PRESS NEWS

Three major pieces of news. No messing around.


It is completed. It is called ENGLISH MARTYRS. It has nine songs and is about 34 minutes long. This is the album cover.

  1. Triangulation Point
  2. Gore Seer
  3. In The Home Counties
  4. Once In Every Century (LISTEN)
  5. Playing Golf With The Precariat
  6. Written Backwards
  7. Mistakes Upon Mistakes
  8. The Public Weighbridge
  9. Gold Curtain
We expect to have it on tour and on general sale after. Tour, you say? What tour? A-HA!

We're returning to France and Belgium in May and June. Dates as follows:
  • 29 MAY Rennes, Bar Hic
  • 30 MAY Nantes, TBA
  • 31 MAY Toulouse, Pavilions Sauvages w/Marc Sens & Oliver Mellano
  • 1 JUNE Grenoble, TBA
  • 2 JUNE Metz, La Chaouee w/MALAÏSE
  • 3 JUNE Liege, Le Garage


We are going to repress National Service. Some guy is selling it for 50 euro on Discogs and this will not do. Flood the market! We will have it soon, but maybe not by tour.

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