Tuesday, 28 May 2013



- We're recording again. Slowly. No sense of a 'larger project' yet. Working with outsiders for the first time. It is time to move on a little.

- Live shows in Chorley with Glocks and Manchester with Rat Columns and Rank/Xerox coming soon.

- There are a couple of new-ish songs to stream here: http://totalvictory.bandcamp.com/album/cones-hotline-1992-1995

- here is a micro-clip from Wigan: https://vine.co/v/b0K6n0YYxpF

Here are some recent performance pics.

Dogstock 2013. photo by Louise Morris

Dogstock 2013. photo by Marc Barrick

Bay Horse, December 2012. photo by Em Bland.

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