Wednesday, 7 June 2017


A long post of many parts after which we will shut up for a while.
Worcester, June 2017

(EDIT: a general flavour of this entry can be found in French with this interview with Alter1fo)

Ten years ago Total Victory formed in Queens Park, Bolton. Back then you still had great bands like Moco and The VCs and Neurosync and we wanted to join the party. Now we're the embarrassing guys at the party who won't leave.

We're not doing anything special to mark this moment other than writing this.

The tour of France that took place to promote the record is complete and we'd like to thank everyone who put us on, played with us, came to see us, gave us food, let us sleep at their place, or helped us in any way with promotion. And a special thank you to Ste who drove and played extra guitar, and Andy, who deputised on drums for James.

photo by Jesse Overman / Blast Radius

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