Monday, 23 February 2015

An interview with IAALS

We did an interview with I Am A Lungfish Song that was translated into French. Here is the English version. Go and read that excellent blog here.

What is the story behind Total Victory?

I (Dan) had split from an old band and was working a shitty job and living in an unfamiliar town and needed some kind of thing to occupy my time and brain. I put an ad out in 2007 for people wanting to play noise-rock kind of like XBXRX and Skin Graft/Gold Standard Labs kind of music. Matt L (bass) and Matt E (guitar) joined, followed by James (drums) one drunken day at a festival.

We realised we couldn't play at 200kph like those bands so we slowed down and tried to not sound so forced and began to incorporate our regional identities and actual personalities a little more. Martin (guitar) was a friend and fan who we asked to add guitar to The Pyramid of Privilege and gradually we forced him to join full-time.

If it were a film it would be a strange story about a group of people who were nobodies at home and vaguely interesting to people somewhere else. Like the opposite of Cool Runnings (which was called Rasta Rockett in France).

the march of time

Here is a brief and mostly boring update about the antics of Total Victory as we reach January 2018. I won't even advertise this post, i...