Tuesday, 26 June 2012


First tonight is Total Victory, a high-concept, high energy band from Bolton. Strongly influenced by bands like The Fall, there is a fine line between the band becoming somewhat of a tribute act and finding their own voice. On tonight’s showing there is no doubt potential for them to explore their musical capabilities further. Omnivictory and Keep Your Discipline play cleverly with tempo, with the structure of each song constantly evolving. This is also the first, but not the last time that audience participation is encouraged tonight, with vocalist Daniel Brookes regularly throwing himself at the public and thrusting the microphone into their startled faces. It’s a tactic which is very deliberate, one that works and provides a much needed humour to a politics-heavy set

Edward Steinson, The Ark

Fair enough Edward. It's called 'King Of Discipline' though.

Thanks for the good words from Outfit though. Some of them used to play in Indica Ritual who were brilliant. I'm pleased to report Outfit are even better.

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