Monday, 8 October 2012


1. The album is done. It sits on our hard drives. It is fully mastered. We're biased but we think it sounds very good and we're all really pleased with it.

We want to release it on vinyl because we think it legitimises our efforts as a band more fully than any other format and is of greater value [insert your own narrative about relative value and the democracy of the internet].

The problem is that we're all terribly broke at the moment. The talk is of early 2013 for release. If the money doesn't come together before then, we will put it online.

2. A split 7" with the band Fighting is coming together after a million miscommunications. Two new non-LP songs will feature ('Golden Calf', 'House of Lords').

3. We are still alive and we have a couple of shows to round the year out in Blackpool and Oldham. It would be great if you could make it to either.

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