Tuesday, 1 January 2013


The year is over. Sing hallelujah.

A year in which joy was heightened by cessation of the bitter navel-gazing and commemoration of post-industrial torpor. We've been together a while now despite making no money so we consider ourselves a band in the most profound sense, inasmuch as it seems preferential to hermitude despite appearing similar. 

The name of the band is lived-in now. There is mild anticipation of record releases in pockets of Europe but we cannot get shows in Leigh because the one band we know who played there (that we are neither fans of or friends with) have management who won't allow them to play there anymore.

original bands play on our sunday service which is the last sunday in every mth this sunday as its bank hol was sorted 6mth ago the last sun in sept is a punk day and the oct 1 i have not done yet the nov will be all classic rock bands and is for charity do you know any bands that play here as we may be able to get you a support slot ?
Our second album, National Service, came out. It was meant to be called Pre-Language but Disappears got to that title first. At least they did a good job with it. It's been well-received by Aural Delights, The Needle Drop, Bant, and K Fuel. It was less well-received by Stripwax, and was incomprehensibly-received by Little Indie Blogs.

More importantly: having gained some distance from it, we all still really like it. It's also coming out on vinyl in 2013. This is OFFICIAL NEWS. More soon.
The Bay Horse show

Some highlights from live shows
  • the Ballast III show in Manchester with Monster Island and Naked (On Drugs)
  • Codex Leicester being total champs
  • Dogstock weekend
  • Alan's Records re-opening and hosting a series of awesome and varied shows
Next on the slate is to regroup and relearn some old songs we've neglected and try to write some new ones.  It would be nice if they sounded different but no guarantees. New LP for 2013? I'd say chances are against it. Maybe something shorter. We haven't donned the slippers and told junior to fetch the pipe just yet though.

Happy new year.

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