Tuesday, 23 August 2016

vs. BIG ELECTRIC + news + reflections

It's been a while! We're not dead. Still. They can't take us out. To be fair they haven't tried very hard.


Coming the final quarter of 2016! This is a compilation of our EPs to date with a couple of songs taken from those sessions that we couldn't finish properly - until now. Here is the tracklist.

  1. Arnhem
  2. Counting Hill
  3. Mass Firings
  4. House of Lords
  5. Winter In House (NEW NEW NEW!)
  6. Pine Cone
  1. Atherton Derby
  2. Golden Calf
  3. Rabbit Killer (NEW NEW NEW!)
  4. Kalfon (pas l'acteur)
This is being released on Specific Records based out of Metz. Their other releases are also hot hot hot. Maybe pick some up through Flo's quite remarkable shop?

  • LP3. Where is it? It has taken a while. We confess. We are slow and lazy. However, we have news: it is about 60% complete. Just need to add some guitars and vocals and mix it up a bit. The working title is FREE MEN ON THE LAND.
  • TOUR. We're going to return to France in early 2017. Can't really say more than that.
  • OTHER SHOWS. We're thinking of booking some random UK shows too. This is a really rubbish piece of news isn't it? 
  • POINT OF INFORMATION REGARDING INTERVIEWS. If you want to do one, get in touch. We don't have press people acting as a go between telling people they can speak to us, but we will happily bore you to tears if you want. Here's us doing that to Alter1Fo in Rennes recently.

The last tour to France was very good. Probably our favourite one so far. From raunchy nights in Lorient to refined dinners by the Loire to the finest ham in Luxembourg to the wonder of Metz and Lille, we felt really looked after and cared for. And who could ask for more?

And the other groups were special. Ex-Fulgur made us swoon. Moller-Plesset made us jealous. Gum Takes Tooth gave us headaches but in the best way possible. Rrraoouhhh! made us dance. 

We played a show in Bolton in June that was alright. Notable for Hi Blake!, who will go far (you heard it here first) and Grave Diggers Union (who are remixing one of our tracks for an EP of theirs) as much as a spirited performance by ours truly. This sounds like a Christmas card round robin doesn't it?

ANYWAY. Things are happening. So let that continue.

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