Thursday, 3 May 2012



6TH OCTOBER 2012: The Dog & Partridge, Bolton
w/ The Brogue Kicks and Neil Jarvis.

8TH JUNE 2012: Mad Ferret, Preston
w/ Cut, India Mill

3RD JUNE 2012: Dogstock Festival, Bolton
w/ Broken Door Orchestra, To The Bones, Our Helical Mind, Billyclub, Black Dynamite, The Minions, Chris Evans Collective + more!
11TH MAY 2012: Alans Records, Wigan
w/ Buzz Or Howl, Dan Fairhurst
8TH APRIL 2012: The Criterion, Leicester
w/ Codex Leicester, IO, Hey Nostradamus!
PRESS: "Bolton’s Total Victory, whose singer’s confrontational in-the-crowd antics divided the audience (both literally and figuratively)". [LINK]
6TH APRIL 2012: The Dog & Partridge, Bolton
w/ Codex Leicester, Death Masks
Poster by Adam Farmer

31ST MARCH 2012: The Wolland Compound, Wigan
w/ Salford Media City, Silk, Nancy Elizabeth
12TH NOVEMBER 2011: Mad Ferret, Preston
w/ The Black & Reds, India Mill, and Yachts
1ST OCTOBER 2010: The Dog & Partridge, Bolton
w/ Go Heeled!, Lions Rampant, & The Modern Farewell
1ST OCTOBER 2010: Mad Ferret, Preston
w/ Max Raptor, Baboon, & Next Stop Atlanta.
11TH SEPTEMBER 2010: Victoria Park (a basement), Manchester
w/ The Louche FC, World Voyald, The Shrieking Violets

4TH AUGUST 2010: The Dog & Partridge, Bolton (outside)
w/ Red Car Burns & Jon Greenwood
15TH OCTOBER 2009: The Dog & Partridge, Bolton
w/ Suspect Parts
16TH AUGUST 2009: The Venue, Preston
w/ Captain Mars
Beach Please! festival, Preston

3RD JULY 2009: The Tudor, Wigan
w/ Murmurs of Tension
FEB 7TH 2009: Furness Road, Fallowfield
w/ The Jelas, Klaus Kinski

DECEMBER 6TH 2008: West Coast Rock, Blackpool
w/ some miserable set of "indie-rock" scrotums whose name escapes me, hopefully permanently
AUGUST 2ND 2008: The Tavern, Wigan
w/ Selfish Cunt
JULY 4TH 2008: The Dog and Partridge, Bolton
w/ Humanfly, Celebrity Love Crisis
1ST FEBRUARY 2008:  The Albion, Bolton
w/ Burn The Mona Lisa
12TH JANUARY 2008: Rendezvous, St. Helens
w/ Indica Ritual, Giant Root Attack
Dates we cannot remember or find details about
ALMA, BOLTON (Music's Not Dead fest)
THE DOG AND PARTRIDGE, BOLTON (2 or 3 other times including debut show in 2007 with Uncle Rotter)

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